• Quality, competence and customer specific analysis requirements


Q&Q Labs perform analysis services in the field of organic chemistry for clients specific needs and requirements. This often requires method development which is something we have long and broad experience in, both regarding different types of analytes as well as sample matrices.

Q&Q Labs work primarily with organic analytical chemistry services on active substances for companies producing and importing pharmaceuticals and medical device. Our services are well suited for both the pharmaceutical discovery phase and final product release (see GMP analysis). We are also experienced in medical device analysis, for example leachables and extractables or control of chemical components.

Examples of services we provide:

  • Assay of organic substances
  • Analytical method development
  • Analytical method validations (according to ICH and/or EMA guidelines)
  • Identification of contaminants
  • Release testing of raw materials and finished product (GMP)
  • Samples from toxicological (GLP) and clinical (GCP) studies
  • Related substances
  • Analytical method transfers (AMT/TT)
  • Biomarker studies
  • Leak test of blisters (Container closure integrity)


Q&Q Labs are experienced in analyzing organic compounds in biological matrices. We have long experience from bespoke method development and validation of bioanalytical methods not only for small organic compounds but also peptides.

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GMP analysis

Q&Q Labs perform release testing of finished pharmaceuticals and generics from countries outside of the EU. Working as the QC lab for several pharmaceutical companies we are experienced in testing the quality of products according to specification. Adding to this we perform smaller sets of quality control analysis for stability studies and earlier phase studies such as for GLP-tox.

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