• Quality, competence and customer specific analysis requirements


Q&Q Labs perform analysis services in the field of organic chemistry for clients specific needs and requirements. This often requires method development which is something we have long and broad experience in, both regarding different types of analytes as well as sample matrices.

Examples of services we provide:

  • Assay of organic substances
  • Method development
  • Validation
  • Identification of contaminants
  • Release testing of raw materials and finished product
  • Samples from toxicological and clinical studies
  • Related substances
  • Extractables and leachables
  • Method transfer
  • Biomarker studies
  • Leak test of blisters

Chromatographic analysis

Examples of substances that we quantify using UPLC-QQQ / QTOF / DAD technology:

Allyl-cystein Aloin & Aloe Emodin (Aloe Vera)
Artemisin BDDE (1,4-Butanediol diglycidyl ether)
Berberin Capsaisin
CPC (1-Hexadecylpyridinium chloride) Dihydromyricetin (ampelopsin)
2-phenylphenol Furfural
Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone 7) Phytol
Glucosamine Glucuronic acid (sodium hyaluronate)
Galacturonic acid Harpagoside (devil’s claw)
Hesperidin Isopropyl xanthate
Cinnamic acid (coumaric acid & ferulic acid) Chlorophyll
Lipoic acid Melatonin
1-methylhistidine, 3-methylhistidin Sodium benzoate
Nicotine Nitrosodietanolamine, nitrosodietylamine
Pentandiol Xylitol
Rose root T3, T4, rT3 (Thyroid hormones)
Ubiquinon (coenzyme Q10) Tartaric acid
Amino acid composition Urea
Hydrocortisone Lidocaine

Pharmaceutical substances

Since studies with pharmaceuticals generally are confidential, we here present only common pharmaceutical substances we have analytical methods set up for. We are working with many more substances in the discovery/development phase for pharmaceutical companies.

The below substance analyses are both simple quantitative analyses and larger release programs of generic drugs.

Amphetamine Aspirine
Azatioprine Bambuterol
Diltiazem Esmolol
Ethinylestradiol Codeine
Mivacurium Levonorgestrel
Paracetamol Procaine
Prulifloxacin Ribavirin
Succinylcholin Ulifloxacin
Viagra (Sildenafil, tadalafil) 6-monoacetylmorphine
Hydrocortisone Drospirenone
Desogestrel Norgestimate

Peptide analysis

Q&Q Labs have experience in characterizing biological pharmaceuticals, mainly peptides, but also proteins and oligonucleotides. Examples of studies are:

  • Identification and quantification of structurally related molecules produced in the manufacturing process or during storage – Related substances.
  • Determination of content – Assay.
  • Content of peptide in blood to determine suitable dose in relation to breakdown.
  • Amino acid composition (after hydrolysis)
  • Stability studies where the peptide chain is exposed to varying temperature and humidity and the resulting fragments analyzed.
  • Determination of post translational modifications.
  • Studies of protein-peptide adsorption/association.
  • Release of active peptide over time from formulation – Dissolution.
  • Ligand interaction studies.