• QC-lab for organic analysis

    Q&Q Labs is a quality control laboratory providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of organic molecules.

  • Customer-specific method developments

    We develop analytical methods tailored for your requirements to follow your project and the regulations that are applicable.

  • Batch-control according to GMP

    We test the quality of medicines according to specification for release to the market.

Q&Q Labs - Bespoke analyses

Q&Q Labs is a team of qualified and dedicated scientists providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of organic molecules. Our core strengths are our customer focused approach with bespoke solutions and ability to deliver results within short time frames. The lab is located at AstraZeneca’s research facility in Gothenburg and is part of the Life Science cluster BioVentureHub. Q&Q Lab’s services range from method development/validation to ongoing batch control.

We’re trusted by multi-national corporations with complex pharmaceutical production as well as small companies with projects in early development to provide analytical data that fulfill their quality needs and commercial objectives.

Q&Q Labs has a close collaboration with Agilent Technologies as the only Nordic partner laboratory. Our partnership with Agilent Technologies ensures that customers get fast, reliable results obtained using the most appropriate technology available.

Collaborations enable Q&Q Labs to offer package solutions with stability studies, microbiological and inorganic analyses.

Q&Q Labs work according to applicable provisions of GMP, GLP as well as GCP and are thus audited by Swedac (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment) and the Swedish MPA.

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